In recent years, the T20 format of the game has become very popular in Asian countries .Two of the most famous cricket leagues are the Indian Premier League (IPL) and the Pakistan Super League (PSL). Both have their unique features and differences, making them exciting and competitive for cricket fans. But the burning question remains which league is the most famous either PSL or IPL? Here is the detailed comparison of PSL vs IPL regarding their budget ,earnings ,players and viewership .

Is PSL Bigger than IPL?

While the Pakistan Super League has carved its own niche in the T20 cricket landscape, challenging the behemoth that is the IPL is still a climb. IPL started in 2008,enjoys a head start over PSL, born in 2015. This translates to a far wider reach, established brand value, and, crucially, a significantly larger financial pie. So IPL is bigger than PSL ,further comparison between both leagues will support this statement.

IPL vs. PSL Budget:


The IPL boasts a mammoth total purse of US$900 million .This allows top IPL stars like KL Rahul to command a staggering US$2.7 million salary. Compared to The PSL that still works on a draft system, and as such, there are no teams purses involved. but PSL’s top earners are drafted at around US$215,000.

IPL vs. PSL Earnings Comparison

The numbers speak volumes. In 2023, the IPL’s broadcast rights fetched a staggering US$7.1 billion for five years, eclipsing the PSL’s current deal of US$260 million. This translates to roughly 27 times the viewership market and revenue generation capability for the IPL. This gap extends to prize money, with the IPL winner bagging a cool US$4.7 million compared to the PSL’s US$1.2 million, making IPL bigger league than IPL.

PSL vs. IPL Players

psl vs ipl players comparison

Both tournaments have different players rules. IPL allows a maximum of eight overseas players in a squad of 25, while PSL allows a maximum of four overseas players in a squad of 20. Because PSL main focus in on the emerging players and discovering local talents .This makes it challenging for PSL teams to select the right balance between local and foreign players.


While the PSL has emerged as a vibrant and exciting T20 league, the IPL remains the undisputed champion in terms of financial muscle, global reach, and star power. It’s a David vs. Goliath battle, and for now, Goliath reigns supreme. However, the PSL’s rapid growth and passionate fanbase hint at a future where the gap might narrow, making for an even more thrilling T20 cricket landscape.